Weekly Scripture Challenge

Scripture Challenge for 10-14-18


This comes from ____Corinthians.

__:__And if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins.

A lady came to a very good friend of mine and told her that she had a problem with the Resurrection of Jesus. She told my friend that it was just biologically impossible. The lady claimed to be very active at her church, but when she began to share some of the views that were preached there at that church; my friend knew this lady was in real trouble. She shared this verse with her. Not believing in the Resurrection is unbelief in what Jesus did on the cross. He did not just come to die as some claim, but he conquered death. Everything that Christ did before His death has an “of God” significance, and the Resurrection establishes everything that comes in the future as well as in the past as a guarantee of the promises that He made and the work that He performed. It was also not just a spiritual Resurrection as some are in the habit of proclaiming, but Christ had a physical body after he was Resurrected (see Luke 24:36-43). Let us never shy away from sharing the truth about the Resurrection of Jesus, after all without it we are yet in our sins.

Scripture Challenge for 10-7-18

Answer: Levitcus 6:13

This comes from Levitcus:

__:__The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; it shall never go out.

In the Old Testament the brazen altar was the place where sacrifices were made to God. In New Testament times we don't offer burnt offerings to God for a sacrifice for sin, because Christ is our one and true sacrifice by which we are purged from sin. But, fire should always be burning on the altar and it is from our heart that we offer up prayer, praise, and thanksgiving. We as Christians must offer our prayer, praise, and thanksgiving by fire that comes from the Holy Spirit, any other way would not be acceptable. You see it is the presence of the Holy Spirit in our hearts that is the fire on the altar and through Him we can always offer sacrifices of prayer, praise, and thanksgiving to God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So, let the fire keep burning on the altar of your heart, and stay in fellowship with God!